What we do
NSA-911 is ready to meet your needs with a reliable and trained workforce
  • To provide well-trained and certified security guards (Garda Pratama)
  • To manage, supervise, and control all security related programs in the secured locations
  • To obtain technical guidance and reference from The Indonesian Police Force 
  • To supervise and make connection with all the required partied in the environment to support Community Development Programs
  • To build a cooperation with professional overseas companies
  • To provide basic training (GARDA PRATAMA) for security guards under supervision by Provincial Police Force
  • To provide special training program for various fields:
    Tourism, Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Offices, Mining Operations and Shopping Centres, Factories, Schools,  in-house explosive/bomb training or other trainings if needed

  • To design, provide, set up, and maintain security devices
  • To train security guards to operate
  • To design  immediate procedures and mechanism after danger signals or intruder alarms trigger
  • An electronic security system designed for particular needs in order to optimize security by involving members in the local community


  • To carry out surveys, building plans, and security concepts according to the potential and crime infested secured locations
  • To observe operational procedures of a particular locaton so that we propose the improved concept


  • To provide 2 ways radio communications.  Trunking technology in the form of both audio (voice) and data is used
  • To provide AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) Technology.  It is able to track any vehicle anywhere


To provide trained K-9 dogs.  It is an important element in the concept of integrated security system


  • To perform search and rescue as well as medical aids in the event of naturals disasters, accidents, fire, and riots
  • To provide rescue and evacuations